What To Know When Trying To Lose Weight

People who are overweight and in particular those with obesity should follow methods to lose weight to improve their health, in fact a high percentage of body fat can cause serious diseases such as high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, gallstones, apnea, cardiovascular diseases.

To know if you are at risk of obesity you can check the percentage of body fat using the BMI (Body Mass Index). Although it is not an exact measure of fatness, you can get an idea of your health condition in relation to height and weight.

As you get older you tend to get fat and it is more difficult to lose weight, the ideal would be to keep your weight stable, which is why even if you find the best way to lose weight it is important to get used to following it for a long time with the aim of changing your lifestyle until the habit of healthy eating becomes part of us.

Obesity is also widespread among young people and among the youngest (childhood obesity), the difference between the methods for slimming for children compared to the methods for slimming for men or women is in the portion of the food and in the difficulty of physical activity training.

It should be borne in mind that children are growing up while young people are developing, so diets for the youngest, for children, for adults (men and women), for the elderly, for those with a particular health condition (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer …) should be as personalized as possible.

As we have seen before, there is not a diet that is always good for everyone.

How to find effective methods to lose weight quickly?

Fast slimming methods aim to achieve substantial weight loss in a short time.

To lose weight in a healthy way, doctors recommend losing a percentage that oscillates between 5 and 10% of weight in a period of time longer than 6 months.

The ideal is to lose from 250 to 900 grams per week which means cutting from 250 to 1000 calories per day, an ideal consumption of calories for women varies between 1200 and 1500 calories per day while for men between 1500 and 1800 (for further information and advice read 4 low-calorie diets for him and her).

The minimum and maximum values are calculated on the basis of the physical activity carried out during the day: a bricklayer, physically, consumes more calories than an employee; a saleswoman walks much more than a secretary.

A good method of slimming must take into account both the initial weight and the type of activity that takes place (light, moderate, very active activity) and in this way the daily caloric requirement is calculated.

After the holidays and to prepare for the summer, you try to lose the superfluous kilos quickly; newspapers and magazines publish articles of the various methods to lose weight in a week or a month ensuring incredible results in a short time.

But all these methods of slimming in a short time present too restrictive diets with calorie cuts sometimes too large, even if at first you can lose many kilos in the long run the lost kilos recover more easily.

Our body needs a constant calorie intake to be in balance, cut too much calories also means losing more muscle mass than fat, muscle mass burns more calories than fat.

A further problem of losing weight too quickly is that, at the end of the diet, you recover the pounds too often with the interests because the body has not had time to adapt, to get used gradually to the new physical form.

When it comes to weight, our brain also plays an important role, both psychological and nervous, as well as hormonal (to learn more, read the series of articles 11 Commands for Planning the Mind to Weight Loss).

Moreover, it is absolutely unattractive to find oneself with skin that is no longer toned but, rather, dangling after a diet with a very low calorie content, the ways to lose weight quickly with detox diets or body cleansing have just this effect.

Fast slimming methods are effective in the short term and can be dangerous as dehydration problems, weakness, kidney and heart infections can occur.