Eat Fruit Or Weight Loss Pills?

Fruits and vegetables: how to compose a balanced mix for our health.

White or red meat, pasta or sausages, fried or not. Everyone has their own opinions on food, but one thing puts everyone in agreement: the goodness and benefits of fruits and vegetables, ideal for a proper diet.

How and how much to eat for a really healthy diet? Let’s go deeper into the rule of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, right now that summer starts and some of the tastiest fruits of the year arrive at the table.

Fruits and vegetables to live better and longer!

The World Health Organization invites you to consume 3 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables every day for a lifestyle that prolongs your life and increases your mental well-being.
Vitamins, mineral salts, fibres and antioxidant substances found in different foods, in fact, strengthen the immune system and protect us from disease. Eating fruit and vegetables also helps to protect the mind. A natural antidepressant for everyone.
At this point, we know what you’re wondering…

How much does a portion actually correspond to?

It’s the question you all ask yourself, and here’s the answer:

penyelidikan produk
istraga производ
исследование продукта
siasatan produk
בדיקת מוצרים
даследаванне прадукту
продукт тергөө
product onderzoek
produktet etterforskning
პროდუქტის გამოძიება
indagine del prodotto
مصنوعات کی تحقیقات
tūhuratanga hua
produkts izmeklēšana
tra sản phẩm
өнім тергеу
արտադրանքը հետաքննություն
investigación de productos
investigação produto
enquête sur ce produit
lêpirsîn berhemên
ürün soruşturma
termék vizsgálata
разследване продукт
тафтиши маҳсулоти
imbestigasyon produkto
дослідження продукту

  • A portion of fruit corresponds to a whole fruit (2-3, if we talk about small fruit); even a cup of fruit salad or a juice meet the daily needs that, for an adult who consumes 2,100 calories a day, is about 460 grams;
  • One portion of vegetables is equivalent to about 50 grams, if consumed raw. If cooked, it is necessary to calculate more or less 250 grams due to the loss of weight during cooking.
    Which fruits and vegetables to choose? Eat in colour!
  • Each product brings specific beneficial properties to the body. To avoid mistakes, choose on the basis of two criteria: variety and colour.
  • From blueberry and blackberry blue to asparagus and broccoli green, rich in vitamin C and beta carotene. From the white of celery and leeks to the yellow of peppers, precious especially in summer, when the skin is most exposed to the sun.
  • Don’t forget the red of watermelons or fleshy oranges, to be sipped in an early morning juice to start the day with energy.

Tips for healthy eating from breakfast to dinner.

It is not difficult to respect the rule of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Just introduce some good eating habits:

  • at breakfast, in addition to yogurt and wholemeal biscuits, put the fruit on the table. It will help you to start the detox process of your body;
  • in the office, have a fruit-based snack. Potassium-rich fruit, such as bananas, helps you to prevent annoying swelling due to the positions you take at your desk (by the way, if you want to know more about “wellness in the office”, read also our article on good habits for keeping fit in front of your PC);
  • for lunch and dinner, choose a side dish of vegetables or a first course with vegetables;
  • drink a fruit-based drink for a refreshing break;
  • create aperitifs with crudités, so fashionable today, for example carrots or fennel to combine with light sauces.

Tuotteiden tutkimuksen
उत्पाद जांच
dochodzenie produkt
preiskava izdelek
vyšetrovania produkt
product investigation
toote uurimine
නිෂ්පාදන පරීක්ෂණයක්
produktų tyrimas
produkt undersøgelse
produkten undersökning
istraga proizvod
제품 조사
vyšetřování produkt
anchetă produs
məhsul istintaq
தயாரிப்பு விசாரணை
التحقيق المنتج
istraga proizvoda

One last piece of advice: when you’re away from home, take a smoothie, a juice or a fresh fruit salad with you.

So to answer our question, weight loss pills can help accelerate the process. But you can definitely start losing weight by ingesting more fruit regularly.