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    Why use Ode as part of dementia care?

    Promote appetite naturally

    ode’s foodie fragrances offer sensory stimulation before meals are served, helping to promote appetite.


    The product has been specially designed to support people with dementia who may appreciate an aromatic cue before breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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    Why use Ode as part of dementia care?

    Reduce social isolation

    When placed in a shared room, ode’s fragrances foster conversation and create engaging mealtimes, helping reduce social isolation in older adults.

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    Why use Ode as part of dementia care?

    Provide support to the dementia carer

    Being a dementia carer, whether as a professional or for a loved one, can be hugely stressful – especially at mealtimes when there are a dozen things to worry about.


    ode gets on with its job each day to cue meal times, freeing up carer time and energy for other things.

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    Why use Ode as part of dementia care?

    Aid care home nutrition support

    From arresting weight loss among at-risk residents to creating a pleasant environment for mealtimes condusive to appetite, ode is an indispensible tool for providers who want to improve their package of care home nutrition support.


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    Why use Ode as part of dementia care?

    Assisted living with elegance

    As an assisted living product, ode maintains independence and dignity for people with dementia, whether living at home or in care.


    By combining the sensory stimulation of fragrance with a sensitively designed product, ode offers a discreet reminder of mealtimes throughout the day.