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Any Questions?

Who is ode for?

 ode has been created for people living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. As their condition advances many people with dementia lose weight as their appetite reduces. They then may experience many of the problems associated with malnutrition such as dehydration, delerium and muscle wastage.

As well as supporting people with dementia, ode can be used more widely by adults with memory problems, or who are simply going off eating or convalescing from an illness which has affected their appetite.  

 Where should I use ode?

ode is suitable for many different lifestyles and residential settings. It can be used by people living in their own homes, and also people in sheltered accommodation, care homes and nursing homes.

ode can be introduced as part of a nutritional support package or to improve care catering. It can also help occupational therapists looking at the needs of particular patients. Our customers range from care homes to local authorities providing adult social services. We also work directly with families. 

Why is smell so powerful in dementia care?

Smell is unique among our senses. It is the only one directly connected to the brain’s limbic system and in particular the amygdala – the part associated with emotional response and memory. This is why aromas can be so evocative, and can prompt certain moods or behavioural responses.

As we encounter smells for the first time we link them to moments, to people or to things, so that when we smell that aroma again, the brain makes a fast association. Hence oranges and cinnamon instantly reminding so many people of Christmas, while the smell of gas creates a state of alertness.

How do ode’s fragrances promote appetite?

 Alongside visual and aural prompts, food aromas help prepare you for eating by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This  signals to your salivary glands and to your stomach to start secreting gastric juices in readiness for food – known as the cephalitic phase of digestion (the stage before we start ingesting). Gastric juices then feedback to make us more hungry, creating a cycle of readiness.

Often in dementia the sense of smell and taste reduce, so meals becomes dull and unappealing. ode’s food fragrances are formulated to be stronger and help compensate in these situations.

Who are the people behind ode?

ode has been set-up by a team specialising in product design and fragrance. We are based in the south of England and are personally driven to make a different in the field of dementia. 

How many odes do I need?

Each domestic sized lounge or bedroom needs one ode (affected by ventilation and drafts). For large rooms of 200 sq ft +, you will need two odes.

For individuals at home we suggest placing ode near a favourite chair, and another in their bedroom for someone of limited mobility.

For care and nursing homes we recommend placing an ode in shared lounges and in the bedrooms of those identified as at-risk of weight loss. 

How do I set up ode?

Getting your ode started is easy. Slot in your three fragrance cartridges: one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Set the timer for each meal so that each fragrance comes on when the person using ode usually eats. Then plug-in and go.

How does ode work?

At each mealtime, ode comes on for a two hour window. ode’s patent pending technology means that within this period, the fragrance switches on and off on a cycle. Rather than getting used to the fragrance, you will be more likely to notice it while it’s on. 

Is ode safe to use?

ode uses a wall mounted CE safety-rated power supply. odes are rated as SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage).

Our fragrances have been carefully formulated to be safe, non-toxic and non-flammable.

It is very unlikely that ode will cause any negative health effects such as respiratory problems or skin allergies. However, if concerned about this, switch off ode immediately and contact us. Please do not ingest the contents and keep out of the reach of children.

Will ode work on its own?

ode is a wellbeing, rather than a medical product, and we recommend introducing it as part of a holistic plan – weight loss can be a complex issue and so a few different interventions may be needed. ode customer Preston Walker of Oak House Care Home has written some tips on the nutritional side of dementia care, as a PDF.

Before buying ode please check the intended user they have a sense of smell by wafting some coffee grounds or instant coffee near their nose and ask them if they can smell anything.

What do I do when the fragrances run out?

A set of fragrances will last for approximately three months. The duration is affected by by the temperature of the room where the ode is placed. Once empty, remove the fragrance  bottles and slot in a fresh set. If you are switching to new scents, it might take a day for the old fragrances to clear. 

 When will my ode arrive?

odes are currently made to order. After confirmed payment it will take four weeks to produce and mail your ode.

For UK deliveries odes are dispatched by Royal Mail  Special Delivery  You will be emailed a tracking code and can expect to receive your ode by 1pm on the next working day. Shipping varies by the size of your order. See the rates here. [link to postage page]ode ships internationally. Please contact us to check shipping details and prices to your country.